ESI SysWeld


Using the Welding Simulation Solution, you can predict the heat effects of welding processes, allowing cost-effective distortion engineering, and weld quality and residual stress control.


Key Features


- Minimize the cost of prototyping

- Minimize the cost of distortion repair work

- Develop and optimize a weld plan within the shortest time range

- Keep welding distortion within allowable tolerances

- Guarantee the best weld quality

- Control stresses in welded designs 


About ESI Group Company

ESI is a world leading software editor for the numerical simulation of prototype and manufacturing process engineering in applied mechanics. The key to ESI's success is the use of realistic material physics, providing "as good as real" virtual solutions, in order to replace the lengthy trial and error processes on real prototypes.

ESI has developed an extensive suite of coherent, industry-oriented applications to realistically simulate a product’s behavior during testing and real life use; to refine manufacturing processes for desired product performance, and to evaluate the effect of the environment in which the product is deployed.

ESI’s products represent a unique collaborative and open environment for End-to-End Virtual Prototyping, thus eliminating the need for physical prototypes during product development. This solution allows a productivity gain, innovation acceleration and significantly reduced costs.

The company employs over 750 high-level specialists worldwide covering more than 30 countries.

As ESI Group development is based on continuous innovation, the company is qualified as “innovative company” by OSEO, a French innovation agency.