Simufact Welding: Professional welding simulation

Nowadays industrial welding processes require a high degree of process security. The correct design of a welding procedure sheet is essential for the quality of a process, which is needed for the programming of welding robots among others. The correct application of clamping devices, the employed welding process and the energy input are added. Distortions of the final geometry must be fully controlled so that components can be serially produced with precise tolerances. Knowledge about the kind of the heat influence zone enables specialists to conclude the properties of welding seams. 


Features at a glance


    pre- and postprocessing in one GUI

    graphically interactive control flow for robots and clamping tools

    sectional view for all earnings

    progress bar for calculation with access to results already calculated during the analysis

    simultaneous evaluation of results during the calculation

    weldmonitor (journey through the welding joints in 2D-section

    diagrams with measurement points for the comparison with test welds




Simufact.welding is a Finite Element-based program for welding simulation. Finite Element calculations are suitable for modeling the elastic-plastic material behavior and, thus, also for simulating welding structure.


Latest solver technology and a user-friendly overall concept allow to calculate welding sequences efficiently and to predict distortions of the component realistically, also with regard to microstructural changes.


A new element is the coupling of Simufact.welding with Simufact.forming and, hence, the combination of various process chains. Thereby, up- and downstream processes of the welding can be efficiently integrated into the numerical simulations. The simple data transfer allows not only the consideration of the forming history but also the strength analysis of simulated welding seams.


Simufact.welding allows the calibration of combined alternative heat sources in less than

15 minutes. It provides useful tools to that end.


    Alternative heat sources are general state-of-the-art in simulating welding structures

    The question "Which welding processes are compatible with your software?" becomes secondary, since almost all common methods can be depicted by means of alternative sources.


The aim of a calculation with Simufact.welding is the prediction of welding distortions and internal stresses. By the standard implementation of material models, e.g. from Simufact.premap, also microstructures, material conditions and resulting local material properties can be calculated.