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Discover 3D 

Combine, visualize, interrogate and model your data in a dynamic 3D environment with Discover 3D geographical information system software.


A full 3D geographical information system

Discover 3D turns Discover - a two-dimensional Geographical Information System (GIS) - into a full 3D system. Discover 3D is fully integrated with the Discover desktop GIS.


The Discover GIS system, and its companion Discover 3D module, are fully integrated with MapInfo Professional, and are designed to unlock the full potential of this industry-leading GIS software. Maximize the value of your data with 3D visualization software Discover 3D allows organizations to extract maximum value from their data investment through cutting-edge 3D visualization. This 3D geographical information system is affordable and easy to use, meaning many professionals across an organization can utilize its innovative features.


Discover 3D allows users to:


    Work in a unified 3D environment

    Improve visualization, communication and collaboration

    Take advantage of the cost-effective data immersion option

    Combine all data into one comprehensive view


Work directly in the 3D geographical information system environment

Discover 3D allows geoscientists to accurately digitize, model and experiment with their interpretations directly within the 3D geographical information system environment. Users can be sure interpretations are fully informed and precise in every dimension.


Discover 3D features include:


    Full integration with Discover and MapInfo Professional

    Real-time 3D navigation via mouse buttons and mouse movements

    Fly-through creation and playback, with export to movie files

    Discover drillhole projects in 3D - drillholes, sections and logs

    View cross-section boundaries and create simple 3D solids

    Gridded surface display with extensive control of display properties

    Voxel model display, with threshold, isosurface and slice views

    Apply height/depth extrusions to 2D objects in MapInfo/Discover

    Create 3D point clouds and lines


Powerful mapping and 3D visualization capabilities

Discover 3D is the 3D extension to the world’s most powerful geographical information system for geoscientists - Discover for MapInfo Professional. So maps, contours, graphs, tables, title blocks, scale bars, and other essential mapping components and tools are all readily available with the software.


Standard 2D GIS mapping techniques are further enhanced by specialist 3D geographical mapping tools in Discover 3D. You can stack georeferenced raster images in the 3D view or drape them onto surface grids. And the text and numerical information for 3D points, lines, intervals, and vectors can be applied to control the color and size or diameter of samples, drill holes, outlines and directional logs.

3D navigation, fly-through, and immersion


The Discover 3D system offers exciting ways to interact and understand the spatial relationships of 3D information through 3D stereo projection and data immersion features. Navigating in 3D can be precisely manipulated through standard system navigation controls on a computer mouse and keyboard.


3D Sessions

3D drillhole project displays copper assays using both colour and thickness modulation, plus interpreted mineralisation boundaries imported from 2D cross-sections. Vector contour lines represent topography, with a geophysical grid in the background





 Digitizing in the 3D Environment

Discover 3D allows precise digitization in 3D by automatically snapping to intervals in selected drillhole projects, whether creating points, polylines or polygons. The image shows polygon creation by snapping to a number of drillhole intercepts.



 Draped Imagery

Detailed geological mapping draped over an exaggerated elevation grid to accentuate lithological/topographic relationships


 Drillhole Display


Examining lithological relationships over a drillhole project; drillhole traces have been colour and pattern modulated using an existing lithology legend created in 2D. Surface geological mapping is also displayed to help identify trends.


 Wireframe Modeling


Discover 3D Solid Generator allows geological, mineralisation, structural and other interpretations (whether created in 2D or 3D) to be wireframed to create triangulated surfaces and solid models. Can include surface area and volume calculations.


 Extrusion Modelling


Surface geological mapping extruded at depth to examine its correlation with downhole lithological logging, potentially revealing unsuspected fault offsets, unconformities, folding, etc.



 Interpolation Modelling


Discover 3D's Surface Gridding module allows the creation of smoother and more realistic models (such as fault planes) by interpolating between points and polylines digitized directly within the 3D environment.



Voxel Modeling


Discover 3D can import and display Voxel or Block models created in other applications. An extensive range of display options is available. The example shows a simple unaltered voxel model overlain by a topographic surface displayed as a contour file


Model Editing & Refinement

Discover 3D has advanced feature object manipulation capabilities for precise modification of polylines, polygons, open triangulated surfaces and closed polyhedral solids. The example shows truncating a modelled orebody by an unconformity surface.