EMIT Maxwell

Maxwell is a 32-bit Windows application for the treatment of Electrical geophysics data. Used by serious mineral explorers, consultants and academics on all continents, it is the productivity-enhancing tool for consumers of electrical geophysics data. Written and maintained by people who acquire, process and interpret EM data for a living, Maxwell was developed to handle all forms of EM geophysical data : time-domain, frequency-domain, ground-based, airborne, dB/dt and B field.

Maxwell automates the handling of large data sets with inversion and forward modelling of plate targets and conductive overburden responses. Maxwell creates professional quality on-screen and hardcopy presentations of plans, profiles, decays, spectra and model visualisations.


* Compatible with Win95/98/2000/NT/XP and Vista with some limitations.

* Plot plans of data coverage, grid, image & contour channels

* Example modelling exercises using any airborne/ground system

* Build templates for professional graphical presentation to includ your standard logo and title blocks

* Drag-and-drop plate models

* Invert automatically on model parameters to fit data

* Works seamlessly with Geosoft's Oasis Montaj

* Use a large number of models and survey lines

* Save all session details to file

* Individual windows for plan, sections, decays, spectrum and model views

* Extended support for printing from Windows

* Custom functionality added on request

* Maxwell can be interfaced to your own modelling routines