Embarcadero® DBArtisan®, the leading heterogeneous database administration tool, helps you maximize database availability, performance, and security, from a single tool. And, with the recent addition of DBArtisan XE Pro to the DBArtisan family (which includes DBArtisan Standard, Professional, and Workbench), you now have more options to fit your specific needs as a database administrator.


The DBArtisan family provides you with a proven set of features to simplify database administration, including:

Comprehensive graphical editors and wizards to boost productivity, streamline routine tasks, and reduce errors so you can manage larger, more complex databases.

SQL debuggers and profilers to speed troubleshooting and optimizing of SQL code.

Advanced space, capacity, and performance management capabilities help you prevent storage-related problems, trend data and object growth over time, and pinpoint performance bottlenecks.


DBArtisan supports all major database platforms, allowing organizations to standardize on a single, powerful , and cost-effective solution.


Home Page: http://www.embarcadero.com/products/dbartisan